Author Bio

Fay B. Bolton lives in Rocklin, CA with her Golden Retriever who cannot accept the fact that he’s not a lap dog.

Fay spent the first part of her life living in England. But she has chosen the United States to be her home. She raised two wonderful girls as a single parent after the death of her husband.
Fay B. BoltonFay was first introduced to writing and using her creative imagination through her mother, who was also a very talented artist and a writer.

As a single mother, Fay shared many fun activities with her two wonderful children called Charlotte, and Katherine. The most enjoyable time after playing with their miniature horses was reading. Especially reading wonderful stories that conjured up her children’s imagination.

After winning a writing competition in middle school, Fay fell in love with writing. She later wrote for magazines and then her love for writing expanded into writing short stories and a novel, and now her children’s storybooks.

After writing personalized poems for clients, Fay, now shares a collection of her humorous work on Amazon, for the world to enjoy.

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