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Children’s Books: Does That Children’s Book Have Quality?

Pete's Monster children's BooksA good children’s book must share quality with its reader in order for it to capture a young child’s attention.

Quality writing is never boring. Good children’s books, no matter how simple or complex they may be, must have a sense of joy. They can make us laugh, and they can also make us cry. Regardless of age.

The story needs to have strong characters that you can relate to, and you actually care about what happens to them in the story.

A good book also teaches children a moral in a very subtle way, while still telling a great story.

For example, the very famous and still very popular children’s book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ which was first published in 1969 by Eric Carle. Children learn about numbers, fruit and days of the week, but it’s hardly noticed because they have fallen in love with the illustrations and their newly discovered ability to predict what is going to happen next.

Good children’s stories, and good books in general, allow the reader to explore with their imagination other worlds, and experience life through the eyes of the author using their written words on paper. The reader can travel the world, go on adventures, but the key to good writing is making sure the reader can relate themselves to the characters and feel what they are feeling emotionally.

The best way to know if it is a good book for your child, is through your child.

PetsOne of the greatest complements a reviewer can bestow on a children’s story book is to call it a “great read aloud book.” But how does a story come to merit such praise? The secret is rhythm-rhythm in language and rhythm in structure. That was my primary goal with Pete’s Monster. Encourage your child to want to read the words out aloud, while subtly learning a moral. Not to be a bully. That bullying is wrong.

Allow your child to reject the books they dislike, and encourage them to tell you what it is that they did not like about that particular book.

What Must a Good Children’s Book Contain?

A good book has several characteristics. These include being:

  • Authentic – Pete’s Monster deals with the issue of bullying, and a child’s fear of the dark.
  • Credible – Bullying and being afraid of the dark are issues many parents have to go through with their child, whether they are a boy, or a girl.
  • Captivating – Pete’s Monster, keeps your child captivated as your child will want to know what Pete does with the Monster after he found him in his bedroom.
  • Exciting – Pete and the Monster both scare each other when they bump into one another. The challenge is, what is Pete, going to do with a Monster in his bedroom?


I’m excited about the release of Pete’s Monster mid-June. If you’d like to be notified when Pete’s Monster is available for purchase, please contact us. Thank you!

Why Pete’s Monster?

There are nearly two million children’s book titles listed on Amazon. Then we have books listed on Barnes & Noble, among many other local book stores that list other child related titles. All of these books are waiting for you to select them as the next book you read, or select for your child. So why choose Pete’s Monster?…

Pete’s Monster Book Preview Video

Hope that you enjoy the short narrated video below that contains a short preview of the wonderful humorous children’s story book called Pete’s Monster. This delightful bedtime story book is about a young boy called Pete, whose afraid of the dark, and thinks that wearing a red cape will give him superpowers to fight off

Pete’s Monster: Children’s Storybooks About Friendship…

  Pete’s Monster books are charming rhyming storybooks written on the topic of making friends. Age level 2 ~ 6 years old. In the first Pete’s Monster book, Pete strikes the Blue Monster for no reason when he surprises him one night. This creates a great opportunity to discuss with your child the topic of bullying. Please enjoy this short preview

Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend

Pete’s Monster My New Friend, is a continuation from the first book called Pete’s Monster.

In the first book, the story ends with Pete escorts the Blue Monster to live in his older brother George’s bedroom. Even though the Blue Monster had not caused Pete any harm or concern for him to be afraid of the Blue Monster. Pete wanted the Monster out from under his bed and George’s room seemed the obvious place for the Monster to stay.

It wasn’t till in the second book, Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend, that we watch a friendship grow.

PETE's MONSTER_My New Friend COVER resizedThe Blue Monster knocks at Pete’s bedroom door one night and asks to return to sleeping under Pete’s bed. Pete is happy that the Monster wants to come back as he missed his companion, the Blue Monster. His new friend.

Pete leaves his bedroom after lights out against his Mother’s orders. He goes into the kitchen to get his new Monster friend something to eat, after the Monster tells Pete that he is hungry.

Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend is also a rhyming storybook. It subtly and creatively covers the topic of friendship and was created to inform children at an early age that a friend can be of any size, shape or color.

The moral in the first Pete’s Monster book is that you should never lash out and hurt anyone, (bullying) because the true person who gets hurt the most could end up being you as you could be labeled as a bully at school and no one will want to be your friend.


Please enjoy reading Pete’s Monster and if you have any questions, please contact us.

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