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Reading to Charlotte
Reading to Charlotte, 1991.

I have always loved children’s stories. My very favorite book as a little girl, and a book I’ve always treasured is called, ‘The Very Little Girls’ by Phyllis Krasilovsky and Illustrated by Ninnon. It’s a book that’s touched my heart, maybe because the little girl gradually grows bigger and was finally able to reach for what she really wanted.

With Pete’s Monster, I feel that I’m finally able to reach for what I’ve been trying to grasp hold of for years, but couldn’t quite get hold of because of all the noise going on inside my head.

I raised two wonderful children of my own. I would read anywhere from two to five children’s stories every night as part of our bedtime ritual. It was that time of the day that both my girls and I looked forward to. Snuggling up close and sharing quality time together letting our imagination soar as we turned each page of the book.

Charlotte and Katie reading
Charlotte reading to Katie.

Sometimes, I would read to them from the books that they chose. They both had several books that they loved very much, books that we’d either bought from book stores that they’d helped select, gifts, or we’d read from a collection of Usborne books that I used to sell through school fundraisers.

There’s an unlimited amount of imagination within all of us, just waiting to get out. This is easy to ignore when you are an adult, with all the everyday noise going on inside our head from stresses at work, are in life. But, it is there within your dreams and fantasies when you sleep. The trick is to write down or draw on paper what your imagination is creating in your mind that you can share and turn into a children’s book.

That is how Pete’s Monster developed. It started with a few lines on a page, then pencil drawings started to emerge on a story board, then more words were written, and a few more drawing were scribbled down until it was ready to be sent to a professional illustrator.

For years the words stayed written in my note book. It wasn’t till I was trying to come up with a story idea that I was re-introduced to the poem ‘Being Brave.’ More words were added, and changed around, then the importance of a moral was introduced, until finally the story was finished, along with a new title of ‘Pete’s Monster.’

I knew from an early age that I had a special gift of rhyming, I’ve been hired by many people to create a personalized poem for them, or a gift for a family member or friend. But, I was determined to create a special poem that had meaning and could be shared by everyone. A children’s story that had true value and meaning.

Buy book on amazonAfter the story was written, and all the illustrations were drawn, actually publishing a book is a challenge, and particularly hard with a children story. After all, most people assume that children’s books are easy to write, but what people do not realize is that writing a good children’s story is every bit as hard as writing a bestselling novel for adults. There is a lot of competition in the children’s genre. The real challenge is making your book stand out from all the other children’s books out there.

My advice to you if you want to write your own children’s book is don’t give up. If you love the children story, as I do with Pete’s Monster, you need to keep with it. After all, the right story can make a big difference in the life of a young child.

I hope you can help me make Pete’s Monster stand out? Please share this post and website with those people who you know whose children would love to read Pete’s Monster, and would learn a valuable lesson about not judging someone by their looks, or appearance. Thank you!

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Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend

Pete’s Monster My New Friend, is a continuation from the first book called Pete’s Monster.

In the first book, the story ends with Pete escorts the Blue Monster to live in his older brother George’s bedroom. Even though the Blue Monster had not caused Pete any harm or concern for him to be afraid of the Blue Monster. Pete wanted the Monster out from under his bed and George’s room seemed the obvious place for the Monster to stay.

It wasn’t till in the second book, Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend, that we watch a friendship grow.

PETE's MONSTER_My New Friend COVER resizedThe Blue Monster knocks at Pete’s bedroom door one night and asks to return to sleeping under Pete’s bed. Pete is happy that the Monster wants to come back as he missed his companion, the Blue Monster. His new friend.

Pete leaves his bedroom after lights out against his Mother’s orders. He goes into the kitchen to get his new Monster friend something to eat, after the Monster tells Pete that he is hungry.

Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend is also a rhyming storybook. It subtly and creatively covers the topic of friendship and was created to inform children at an early age that a friend can be of any size, shape or color.

The moral in the first Pete’s Monster book is that you should never lash out and hurt anyone, (bullying) because the true person who gets hurt the most could end up being you as you could be labeled as a bully at school and no one will want to be your friend.


Please enjoy reading Pete’s Monster and if you have any questions, please contact us.

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