How to Stop Bullying

GEORGES RM 3If your child comes to you and says they are being picked on by a bully at school, or you think that they are being singled out by a known bully at school, talk to them so you understand what is going on.


Children are often hesitant to talk about being the victim of bullying so it is vital to encourage your child to talk openly about it which will help them understand that you care, and you want them to be safe.

Many children think that telling their parents or a teacher at school about being a victim of bullying will only make matters worse, so be sure to take reassuring steps that will stop the bullying and not make matters worse for your child.


As a parent, one of your worst nightmares is to find out that your child is being picked on at school by a bully. I am sure many of you reading this have been the victim of a bully at some point in your life?

Some parents view bullying as normal behavior that is no big deal, and while in many cases bullying will often resolve itself almost as quickly as it started, in some cases the victim of bullying can suffer long-term effects if the bullying carries on unnoticed by a parent or teacher.

Parents should not take bullying lightly, if your child is the victim of bullying, you should assess the seriousness of the situation and react accordingly. Taking steps to stop the bullying is the best thing a parent can do without singling out their child.

Children are often afraid that their bully will find out that they have told on them, and the bully will get more aggressive with their attacks. While this is a genuine fear, taking assertive action is the best and only measure to take to get the bullying to stop before someone gets seriously hurt, mentally or physically.


First ask your child what they have tried to do to stop the bullying. Often if the victim of bullying reacts in the right way, the bully will stop. If your child is being bullied, by someone make sure that they are not putting themselves at any risk of being   physical, or emotional damaged.


Bully’s pick on children with low self-esteem, so the best thing to do is to give your child advice on how to stop bullying themselves and let them handle it. Sometimes ignoring a bully, using humor, or just remaining calm will stop the bullying. When your child reacts confidently and assertive themselves to a bully, the bully will often stop without any adult intervention. A bully only picks on someone to get a reaction out of him, or her, which amounts to control and the bully wants to strike fear into that person.


Confronting the parent of your child’s bully may or may not be a good idea, so it is best to talk with the school principle first. Sometimes a bully’s parents will be unaware of what is going on and will be willing to help. Other times a bullies parents will deny that there is a problem and not be willing to help. In any case, the bully needs to be stopped, and some type of affirmative action must be taken.


If your child is the victim of bullying and it is severe enough to cause physical, emotional or self-esteem damage, then you and your child should contact the school and inform their teacher and the school principal about what is going on as they are bound by law to take action.

(Bullying Prevention for School Safety and Crime Reduction Act of 2003)


Article 3.  School Safety Cadre

SEC. 7.  Section 32290 of the Education Code is amended and renumbered to read: 32270.
(a) The partnership shall establish a statewide school safety cadre for the purpose of facilitating interagency coordination and collaboration among school districts, county offices of education, youth serving agencies, allied agencies, community-based organizations, and law enforcement agencies to improve school attendance, encourage good citizenship, and to reduce school violence, school crime, including hate crimes, vandalism, drug and  alcohol abuse, gang membership and gang violence, truancy rates, bullying, teen relationship violence, and discrimination and harassment, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment.

Today schools have no tolerance for bullying and with more organizations becoming nonprofits to stomp out bullying in schools and the workplace, victims of bullying have more resources to turn to for help. View side widget on right for links to Bullying Resources.


October is National Bullying Awareness Month

Stop bullying before it even starts. Educate your child about correct social behavior. Read to them Pete’s Monster which is a rhyming book that covers the topic of bullying.

New book cover small











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Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend

Pete’s Monster My New Friend, is a continuation from the first book called Pete’s Monster.

In the first book, the story ends with Pete escorts the Blue Monster to live in his older brother George’s bedroom. Even though the Blue Monster had not caused Pete any harm or concern for him to be afraid of the Blue Monster. Pete wanted the Monster out from under his bed and George’s room seemed the obvious place for the Monster to stay.

It wasn’t till in the second book, Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend, that we watch a friendship grow.

PETE's MONSTER_My New Friend COVER resizedThe Blue Monster knocks at Pete’s bedroom door one night and asks to return to sleeping under Pete’s bed. Pete is happy that the Monster wants to come back as he missed his companion, the Blue Monster. His new friend.

Pete leaves his bedroom after lights out against his Mother’s orders. He goes into the kitchen to get his new Monster friend something to eat, after the Monster tells Pete that he is hungry.

Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend is also a rhyming storybook. It subtly and creatively covers the topic of friendship and was created to inform children at an early age that a friend can be of any size, shape or color.

The moral in the first Pete’s Monster book is that you should never lash out and hurt anyone, (bullying) because the true person who gets hurt the most could end up being you as you could be labeled as a bully at school and no one will want to be your friend.


Please enjoy reading Pete’s Monster and if you have any questions, please contact us.

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