Pete’s Monster

Pete’s Monster is a delightful children’s storybook about a young boy named Pete who thinks that wearing a red cape will give him superpowers to conquer his fear of bedtime Monsters.

Pete’s Monster is a story to help children overcome their fear of the dark and Monsters under their bed.

It also teaches children not to judge someone by their appearance. Pete assumed because the Monster was the color of blue and looked nothing like him, that the Monster must be dangerous.

Pete’s Monster is to teach children to think before they act.

Pete lashed out at the Blue Monster after the Monster startled him one night. Pete hadn’t thought about what would happen after he’d hurt the Blue Monster. He never thought about how it would make him feel deep down inside knowing that he was the one that had caused the Monster pain.

Pete realized the Monster meant him no harm and he only wanted a friend and a comfortable place to sleep. So Pete has to figure out what to do with the monster to make them both happy.

Pete decides that the Monster would be much happier sleeping in his older brother George’s bedroom.

Pete still fearful of the Blue Monster because he’s different, therefore cannot be trusted. So Pete feels he needs to go live in his older brother George’s bedroom. Pete’s brother George tells Pete all the time that he’s not afraid of anything, so George’s room is a perfect place for the Monster to live.

It’s not until Pete made the Monster cry and he thinks about how he treated the Monster, that he realizes that the Monster is a nice friendly Monster and he never meant Pete any harm.

In the first Pete’s Monster book, Pete is a bully to the Monster by striking him and sending him away. It’s not until Pete thinks about his actions that he realizes that the Monster only wants a friend and a comfortable place to sleep.

In Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend, you can read about how Pete and the Monster become friends.

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Enjoy a sneak preview of some of the illustrations from both Pete’s Monster and Pete’s Monster My New Friend books. These are wonderful humorous children’s bedtime storybooks about a young boy’s fear of the dark and his new friend which is a Blue Monster.

Illustrations from Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend are located at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed a sneak preview of what’s inside the Pete’s Monster children’s story book.

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Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend. Preview of some of the Illustrations inside this wonderful book.

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