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Pete's monster book coverIllustrated picture books, rhymes, silly songs and pretend stories all help attract and encourage your young child to read.

In a world that is slowly but surely turning away from physical books and trending more towards monitors and television screens, the importance of developing a passion for reading cannot be overlooked. Reading is a habit and it should be established when your child is relatively young.


What can you do to nurture this habit?

Pique your child’s interest: If your child has a favorite character, pick a series of books that features that character. For my daughter’s, it was Disney character’s after taking a trip to Disneyland when they were quite young. Thanks to Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Cinderella, my daughter’s latched on to reading books at a fairly early age.

Build a home-library: A skill like reading cannot be learnt in isolation. Do not leave all the hard work to learning how to read and pronounce words to the child’s school teacher. Pick up books that you think your child will like, or better still, let them pick out books that capture their attention and would like to read and have a selection ready and easy accessible on book shelves, or in toy boxes, for them to access at any time of the day or scoop a handful together for bedtime reading.

Make sure that the bedtime ritual includes reading bedtime stories every night! This is often something your child will look forward to all day long so don’t disappoint them or withhold reading a bedtime story as punishment. This could have unfavorable results, so make sure that no matter how tired you may be, or whatever the child may have done during the day to deserve some form of discipline, it does not include the punishment of withholding reading a bedtime story to them.

Enroll your child in reading classes: There are many well-structured after school reading classes that aim to draw the children to books. They help children with language, and phrases. For young children, these classes can be fun with animated characters and pictures. And they use creativity to capture the child’s vivid imagination.

The Internet is also a rich resource of reading material with the easy access and instant download of the Amazon kindle books that will attract and excite children to the fine art of reading.

Pete’s Monster is a wonderful bedtime story and ready available for immediate access in the Amazon kindle store.

If you would love to listen to a narrated video of the full length Pete’s Monster book with sound effects, please click here to learn more.

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Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend

Pete’s Monster My New Friend, is a continuation from the first book called Pete’s Monster.

In the first book, the story ends with Pete escorts the Blue Monster to live in his older brother George’s bedroom. Even though the Blue Monster had not caused Pete any harm or concern for him to be afraid of the Blue Monster. Pete wanted the Monster out from under his bed and George’s room seemed the obvious place for the Monster to stay.

It wasn’t till in the second book, Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend, that we watch a friendship grow.

PETE's MONSTER_My New Friend COVER resizedThe Blue Monster knocks at Pete’s bedroom door one night and asks to return to sleeping under Pete’s bed. Pete is happy that the Monster wants to come back as he missed his companion, the Blue Monster. His new friend.

Pete leaves his bedroom after lights out against his Mother’s orders. He goes into the kitchen to get his new Monster friend something to eat, after the Monster tells Pete that he is hungry.

Pete’s Monster ~ My New Friend is also a rhyming storybook. It subtly and creatively covers the topic of friendship and was created to inform children at an early age that a friend can be of any size, shape or color.

The moral in the first Pete’s Monster book is that you should never lash out and hurt anyone, (bullying) because the true person who gets hurt the most could end up being you as you could be labeled as a bully at school and no one will want to be your friend.


Please enjoy reading Pete’s Monster and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Pete's Monster kindle edition

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